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Buell® Sales & Leadership Team Ready to Rumble at Daytona Bike Week

Grand Rapids, MI – When Buell Motorcycle announced their return in 2021, the industry took notice. Their stated goals were to assemble a top-notch leadership team, start production, and design new models. Buell has achieved those goals and plans to unveil their successes at Daytona Bike Week 2022.

After just a few months, Buell has achieved success with their Buellvana reservation & sales system and started delivering bikes, with VIN #’s 1 & 2 going directly to the Barber Motorsports Museum…proving yet again, that yes…Buell is Back!

“2021 was jam packed with successes for the Buell factory,” said Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycle Co. “The leadership team is doing amazing, our factory production is in full swing, and sales reservations are exceeding our expectations.”

“Customers have responded very enthusiastically to our return and love the ease of our Buellvana® online reservation system,” said Melvin. “Most of our sales are just word of mouth among motorcycle enthusiasts and loyal followers.”

With new Buell Hammerhead 1190 and 1190 SX model motorcycles in production and being delivered to customers nationwide, want to see first-hand what all the buzz is about? Check out the new models up close and personal, and on-display at Destination Daytona during Daytona Bike Week 2022, March 4 - 13.

Opportunities to reserve a limited production slot by placing a $25 dollar reservation are still available by going to and by visiting the Daytona Bike Week Buell display. You’ll receive a limited-edition Buell hat too!

In addition to viewing the current models on display at Daytona, you can get a glimpse at future product under development and rub elbows with the Buell team members that are ensuring Buell is Back…and here to stay.

“We made sure to add the right people with the experience and passion needed to revive this beloved brand,” said Melvin. “Now our leadership team is focused and firing on all cylinders.”

A few of the leadership team members available during Daytona Bike Week are:

Dean Guard, Chief Product Engineer - with 36+ years at GM focused on world-wide gasoline powertrain development, Dean’s senior leadership and technical experience blend nicely warranting successful integration happens among all things powertrain. Working across all departments to brings new products to life, Dean’s hands-on approach is a guiding light.

Tim Holland, Chief Technical Officer - as the recent Head of Lotus Engineering’s test and development operations, Tim’s led teams focused on powertrain development, racing applications, not to mention new product and prototype development. With over 35 years of experience in the automotive field, if it’s part of the powerplant, Tim’s fingerprints are all over it.

Steve Laham, Chief Products, Development & Strategy - he’s an icon in the powersports industry having led Butch’s retail success, steered Sea-Doo® through challenging times, launched the uniquely designed BRP Spyder® and led the Evinrude® reinvention at BRP. With over 35 years of powersports experience, Steve leads a no stone unturned approach to driving business.

The Buell leadership team is a collection of passionate powersports enthusiasts who just also happen to be seasoned and experienced powersports businesspeople. Go talk with them at Daytona Bike Week 2022.

Buell is back, with motorcycles on display at Dayton Bike Week, and delivering excitement at every turn.

For future Buell updates, follow our news page on our website and our social media pages.

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Wow! It looks cool. Thanks for sharing its information and geometry dash scratch which is intriguing.


Lou Williams
Lou Williams
Jan 14, 2023

Fabulous news.Buells are the best bikes ever...Still riding my X1 and loving it at 62!

Good luck guys 😀


Norse Man
Norse Man
Feb 22, 2022

This is great news for us Buell/EBR owners.

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