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We Believe the Evolution of Adrenaline Starts with Engineering


We make the world’s fastest, US-built production motorcycles, built to order, no exceptions. Thanks to our small team of talented engineers, creating game-changers in existing categories - though difficult and time-consuming - is not impossible. Buell engineers are working to improve Buell technology and diversify Buell’s lineup for the new season.

Our journey in innovation continues as we carry our performance-driven style and exotic designs into the future. 

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Born & Built on American Turf


We start with the heart of the matter: The Engine.

Our Buell ET-V2 is considered the top high-performance V-Twin currently in production. 1190cc’s of power translate to 185hp @ 10,600rpm and 137.8Nm of torque @ 8,000rpm - all working through a Controlled Swirl Induction (CSI) System with offset intake cam lobe centers for a better, more complete burn. 

The result is a stunning 13.4:1 compression rate, rendering out-of-this-world acceleration and incredible handling.


Our Commitment to a Clean Ride

With power comes responsibility, and we take our power very seriously.

Buell continues carrying low emissions ratings into the next generation’s worth of rides. Our bikes boast 70% less HC+Nox (Hydrocarbons + Nitrous Oxides) and 90% less CO (Carbon Monoxide) than the current U.S. regulatory limit. 

The Signature Buell Brake

The heart of Buell has always been racing - and to race with 105ft-lbs of torque, you need mad stoppage. 

Our patented Zero Torsional Load™ (ZTL™) disc brake design features a large single-disc rotor. Larger-diameter discs work with less heat, less effort, more efficiency; matched with Buell’s additional low unsprung weight, the incredible bite and lightweight performance of Buell®’s  ZTL™ technology still makes headlines today. 


Fuel-in-Frame (FiF) Technology

Getting the most out of a Buell bike means working with exceptional mass centralization -  the lower the center of gravity, the better.

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Form Meets Function

Added to all of this is Buell’s continual commitment to reason. From our 2.85lb magnesium subframes and 5052 aluminum front fairing brackets, all the way down to the clever use of aerogel for heat management, every decision for a Buell® bike is carefully catered to work in absolute harmony with the rest of the machine.

Creating durable quality, function-foremost, at prices everybody can afford.


Isn't that what 'Built In America' is all about?

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