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Enjoy the 185 horsepower 1190 SuperTouring combining Buell performance, touring adventure, and a bold design. 

Created in collaboration with famous designer J. Ruiter.


Estimated MSRP starting from $21,995.
For Future Release.


Thank you. Your Pre-Order has been received and you will be contacted by our sales team closer to the date of production. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email


How do we know the next generation of Buell will be as exhilarating and high-performing as the last? Because give experienced riders our bikes and ask for honest feedback. 

Recently, we asked Chris Bloch – a motorcycle enthusiast of over 50 years – to test a prototype of our Super Touring bike. After riding about 100 miles on the bike, including a combination of backroads and highway, here’s some of what he had to say.

“Even though it’s just a prototype at this point, this is a great bike right now. The riding position is just about right for sport touring. For me the bars are just about right, and the weight on my arms is perfect for this application. 

The engine is beautiful. The red line feels like a Ducati superbike motor. And the transmission is perfect – not clunky like some – and shifts up and down smoothly with or without the clutch. 


When leaving corners, you have the option of leaving at 4000 rpm and very quickly getting back up to speed. Or you can leave at 7000 rpm and wheelie to the next corner. 

Overall, this is a great bike—a super nice combination of lightweight and a lot of power. The 4.5-gallon fuel capacity could be a bit larger if I were wishing for everything.”



About Chris Bloch:

Chris is a business owner, entrepreneur, pilot, and race car driver whose life revolves around anything that goes fast.

At Buell, our engineers listen to feedback like this. It’s what makes Buell different. Our goal is listening to our customers and biggest fans, so we can deliver more of what they want from the next generation of Buell bikes. 

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