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Since the beginning, Buell’s operative has been to align bike and rider in a bond designed to withstand the tests of time. 


The very first Buell bike in existence -- the RW750 “Road Warrior” – was designed to compete in the AMA Formula One class. The RW750 commanded huge respect with powerful handling and insane speeds, having clocked 178 mph at Talladega Speedway.

Fast forward to 2021, and the debut of the Hammerhead 1190 and 1190SX pulls from that same heritage, upholding and embodying a great legacy by bringing the company’s old ideals forward to represent Buell as a brand today. 


To look at the world with a new set of eyes, feeling senses come to life as time slows and your weight lightens, lifts off the pavement. Buell is on a mission to deliver this American Dream to riders across the country. In a world saturated with stereotypes, we are the alternative. 


We are customer experience driven, dedicated to the superior care of both the machine and the wild soul that rides it.


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From our dedicated group of engineers to our mechanics, designers, and directors, every single member of the Buell Team adds their talents to the cause, working tirelessly to contribute to the long-standing tradition of innovation. Designing an aggressive machine that speaks truth and outlasts the competition is at the very heart of Buell - and it’s all thanks to the brilliant minds that form Buell’s core.

Today, our builds set standards of longevity for the Powersports Industry. Motorcycles are being mass-produced at a rate previously unheard of. Bike parts are downgraded and manufactured with cheapened material to save cost and weight, triggering waves of recalls and feeding a market that profits off high-turnover rates. 

In a world that is fast-spiraling into fair-weather consumer demand, Buell® remains separate. Steady. Strong. 

Providing a superior experience should be the bare minimum. 

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