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Bill Melvin

Chief Executive Officer

Bill is passionate motorcycle historian, rider, and dealmaker. His father – an avid collector and historian – started passing his knowledge to Bill at age four. In 1999, Bill started an electric cycle and scooter company in his garage. It was then that he began seeing the future of electric and combustion motorcycles, which he now implements as the CEO of Buell.

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Marissa Morford

Chief Operating Officer

Marissa is an avid outdoors-enthusiast and speed junkie. She joined Buell in 2016 and quickly ascended to operations manager in 2018. Now, as the company's COO, Marissa is taking on large strategic goals with hands-on approach and a head-on attitude.

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David Sassano

Chief Investment Officer

David has over 30 years launching and operating successful startups as well as building niche internal businesses at Fortune 500 companies—a perfect fit for Buell’s comeback. He has a long list of achievements, but all of them come back to one simple fact: Dave is passionate about turning good ideas into great businesses.

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Dean Guard

Chief Product Engineer

It takes a special kind of person to harness the legend of the past and yet set the standard for the future - but Dean is one of those people. He spent years with a major automotive manufacturer, but as an avid fan of motorsports, Dean couldn't resist the opportunity to join Buell and lead our product efforts.

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Tim Holland

Chief Technical Officer

Before arriving at Buell, Tim served as an executive with close to forty years in the OEM production and engineering consulting industry. He’s been directly involved in powertrain, whole vehicle, and powersports testing and development, calibration, and emissions certification—and the full force of all his experience is inside every Buell product. 

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Shannon Fabatz

Supply Chain Director

Navigating today’s supply chain is an incredible challenge, one Shannon helps us rise to every day. Having over 30 years of experience in automotive purchasing, contracting, and supply negotiations, Shannon’s sharp mind and strategic outlook helps us deliver – and overdeliver – for our customers

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Ayden Kraai

Purchasing Manager

Ayden’s first job at Buell was managing parts sales and inventory management—and his career has only accelerated from there. Over the last year Ayden has been working in purchasing—helping to build up a strong supply chain to support Buell’s growth.

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Kiersten Holstege

Accounting & HR Director

Kiersten ensures all our i’s are dotted and all our t’s are crossed. She has an unrivaled attention to detail, ensuring our accounting and HR duties are in order.

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