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A Buell Made For You

We believe that buying a Buell bike should be fun and easy as it is exciting to ride. So we’ve opened up space for Buell Direct -- a process designed to keep things simple and smooth. You order it, we deliver it.

We believe in getting close to our customers. Working with them directly allows us to build a bike that fits the rider’s unique style and gives us plenty of opportunities to understand what devoted motorcycle fans want.

Just a few painless steps and you’ll be a member of Team Buell and ready for a ride of a lifetime.

Buell_superCruiser_B (1).png


Order Your Bike

Place a deposit for the Buell model you want through our website. As soon as the order’s underway, Chris Pobanz, Buell’s director of consumer relations will be paired with your order to ensure smooth communication.

Buell Hammerhead.jpg


Pick Your Paint & Options

Once you’ve got Chris on your team, we’ll confirm your deposit within 24 hours and send an Order Form for your choice of paint scheme and equipment options.




Finalize The Price

Return your Order Form, we’ll leave you with the invoice, and thus begins the process of scheduling production and matching you with an approved service center in your area. When your bike is ready, Chris will contact you for delivery arrangements with our specialized carriers.

If you need special financing or have any questions about our processes, we are here for you. Call or text Chris at 616-916-8386 or email Monday - Friday, 8am-5 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

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Buell Superfans


"When cruising on my Hammerhead I’m dominating everything.  On the highway you can really feel the superior power. I love it."

Jack D.

"I chose my 2022 Buell Hammerhead for performance, reliability, very stable cornering, but above all because Buell is raw in-your-face American muscle!"

Jason S.

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