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Buell® Dominates the NHRA Nationals

[Denver, Colorado]: On July 16th, 2021 the NHRA Nationals Championship were wide open throttle off the starting line all weekend! Buell® blew the Bike Pros out of the water with both Matt and Angie Smith on their Denso Buell® bikes taking 1st and 2nd place in the Bike Pro qualifiers. Matt and Angie had a strong run both reaching the semi finals.

It didn’t stop there though, in the semi finals all 4 racers were on Buell® bikes. Matt Smith (Buell®) vs Andrew Hines (Buell®) and Angie Smith (Buell®) vs Eddie Krawiec (Buell RX®). The semi finals were a tight race. Matt Smith took Hines by fractions of a second for the win, and Kraweic did the same to Smith.

"No doubt that Buell was King of the mountain this weekend in Denver, Qualifying #1 & #2 with Matt & Angie Smith on their Buell's was certainly a highlight of Saturday evening. However things got even better by Sunday evening as Matt Smith rode his Denso Buell® to the winners circle, besting second place finisher Eddie Krawiec on his Vance & Hines Buell RX®" said Steve Laham, Chief Product Officer at Buell Motorcycles.

After this weekend the new rankings for the NHRA Nationals are as follows: Matt Smith (Buell®) in 1st, Angie Smith (Buell®) in 6th, Eddie Krawiec (Buell RX®) in 7th and Andrew Hines (Buell RX®) in 11th.

Follow more Buell rider success at the NHRA Sonoma Nationals on July 23-25.

Visit the Buell website for the latest information at:

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Check out SRDrivenMedia's Highlight Video of Matts Win

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