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Buell Strengthens Team with Top Talent to Rev Up Production

Updated: Mar 13

Buell Motorcycles' new hires (from left) Jason Anderson, John Nychypor, and Matt Laurent.

Grand Rapids, MI — Buell Motorcycles is proud to announce the addition of three exceptional new hires, bolstering its design, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing capabilities. These strategic team members mark a significant step as Buell gears up to produce its highly anticipated 2024 SuperTouring and 2025 Super Cruiser motorcycles.


Jason Anderson, now the Manufacturing & Quality Director, boasts over 18 years of leadership in standardizing and perfecting automotive and aerospace manufacturing. Beyond this impressive background, Jason's 25-year personal passion for building and riding custom motorcycles resonates deeply with Buell's pursuit of perfection and our dedication to rider satisfaction.


Global Supply Chain Specialist John Nychypor brings more than two decades of sourcing, procurement, and logistics optimization to Buell. But his expertise is complemented by his passion for speed and precision, especially on the ¼-mile track. John's dual role as a seasoned professional and a speed aficionado embodies the spirit of Buell. 


Matt Laurent, the newly appointed Engineering Leader, brings over a decade of industry-leading engine design and a remarkable road racing record. His expertise in development, modeling, and product simulation will be pivotal in reducing risk, enhancing production, ensuring ease of maintenance, and exceeding riders' expectations. 


Buell CEO Bill Melvin is enthusiastic about his new talent: "We're thrilled to welcome Jason, John, and Matt to Team Buell. Their collective expertise and unwavering commitment will be instrumental in changing the industry's design-performance paradigm and creating the most exceptional American motorcycles ever made. Their credentials underscore our dedication to building innovative, high-performance machines that honor the Buell legacy."


Jason, John, and Matt's passion for motorcycles and commitment to excellence align perfectly with Buell's vision, elevating its design, engineering, sourcing, and manufacturing — revving up to deliver top-tier performance to the Buell Nation.


In the attached photo, left to right: Jason Anderson, John Nychypor and Matt Laurent.


About Buell Motorcycles: 

Buell Motorcycles is an iconic American motorcycle manufacturer known for its rich heritage, exceptional performance, and unwavering commitment to rider satisfaction. With 40 years of experience, Buell Motorcycles continues to push boundaries and deliver exhilarating two-wheeled experiences. 


For more information, please visit, and connect with us on social media for the latest updates and news.

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Mark A. Deremo 




Our mailing address is:

Buell Motorcycle

2700 Patterson Ave SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49546 USA

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jane Lily
jane Lily
11 hours ago

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Gabriel Divine
Gabriel Divine
2 days ago

Congratulations to Buell Motorcycles on adding such talented individuals to the team. It's clear that Jason, John, and Matt bring a wealth of experience and passion for motorcycles to the table. I'm excited to see how their expertise will contribute to the production of the 2024 SuperTouring and 2025 Super Cruiser motorcycles at my location now

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su xeko
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