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Online Pre-Order FAQs

April 26, 2023


What does my Pre-Order get me?
A $50 Pre-Order gets you in line to be among the first to order a new Buell Motorcycle. This is a refundable pre-order. It is not an actual order and does not guarantee delivery.

What information is required to pre-order a Buell?
To pre-order your Buell, visit, select your desired model, and complete the online checkout process. You will be required to enter your name, shipping address, email address, phone number, and make your $50 pre-order payment.

What is Buell Direct?

The essence of Buell Direct is local delivery and service from your identified Approved Service Center. Buell will provide your Approved Service Center with unique training, overnight parts delivery, and responsive communication with our factory tech team after you drop off your vehicle for any service.

Is the $50 Pre-Order payment refundable?
Yes, the $50 Pre-Order is refundable.


Can I cancel my pre-order?
You will be able to make changes to your pre-order, complete your vehicle selection and configuration at the time you confirm your order during the order process.


What is an online order?
By entering into and completing the Pre-Order process along with submitting your pre-order payment, you are not purchasing a vehicle, but pre-ordering a production slot. Completing the pre-order process does not guarantee you vehicle delivery nor does it guarantee a set-price for the vehicle.

What happens to the Pre-Order Payment once I order?
The $50 pre-order payment is refundable and will be credited as part of the vehicle purchase process.


When will I take delivery of my Buell Motorcycle?
Delivery times may vary based on model chosen, specific model configuration selected, residency and demand. Once your pre-order slot is near to production you will receive further notification from our Buell Sales Team.

How many pre-orders can I make, and can I transfer my pre-order?
You can make up to two (2) pre-orders per account. Your pre-order number is assigned to you and cannot be transferred.

What price will I pay for my new Buell?
The pricing for your vehicle will be finalized when you confirm your order. Price does not include delivery charges, excludes taxes, title and registration fees. 

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