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Tests confirm Buell® Baja 1190 is a Beast of a Dirt Bike

Tests confirm Buell® Baja 1190 is a Beast of a Dirt Bike Grand Rapids, MI – Buell

® Motorcycle put its upcoming Baja 1190 through its paces last week during field testing in Michigan, USA. Led by Buell engineers, two days of tests included demanding runs up steep sand dunes, twisty muddy runs on the local two-track, and a few tricks some would call impulsive; Buell would call it spontaneous and spirited.

First previewed at Daytona Bike Week in March 2022, Buell's Baja concept racer received high marks from media, enthusiasts, and influencers. Since then, it's undergone rigorous field trials and performance refinements, bringing it closer to its production in 2023.

 As to specs, the Baja 1190 will be the fastest production dirt bike on the market, boasting a 185hp liquid-cooled, 72-degree V-twin engine with 102 ft-lbs. of torque. The Baja 1190 also has a trellis frame, adjustable swing arm for a 64-70" wheelbase, and an industry-standard seat height of 37.5" with a 26.75-degree rake. It's on track to be the unmatched, uncontested, top speed and performance dirt bike in the world and designed and built from fairing to tailpipe in America.

"We're engineering the world's fastest, solely US-built, off-road bike. Less than 1% of the world is covered in pavement. Buell's Baja 1190 is designed to dominate the other 99.7%. This bike elevates the Buell brand to even greater heights and brings back the passion for American performance motorcycles,” said Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycles. "Buell engineers have created a beast of a motorcycle. The fastest, most agile 1200cc class dirt bike ever made. Enthusiasts will be blown away,” Melvin added.

As the direct descendant of Buell's Ulysses dual-sport, on-road/off-road bike, the Baja 1190 represents the next evolution in Buell's off-road technology. Ulysses' ultra-high power and performance proved Buell's desire to be different and draw attention. Now, leveraging the halo effect, the Baja's the undisputed biggest and baddest out there. When Buell refused to conform its dirt bike to fit the adventure bike space, it uniquely blurred the line in the off-road category.  The Baja 1190 dirt bike initially targets more experienced riders whose passion for the best includes performance, speed, power, and the desire to stand out. This bike delivers on every score. Estimated MSRP starting from $19,995. Buell is back and delivering performance and excitement at every turn. For future Buell updates, follow our news page on our website and our social media pages. Link to High Res. Photos & Videos --> Website: Email for Information: 11/10/2022

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