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Logan Cipala Let’s Freedom Ring on his Buell® 1190HCR

Logan taking First Place at the Brick Mine Pro Motoclimb. [📷 credit: @motoclimbsuperseries]

[Walhalla, North Dakota]: On July 2, 2021, Logan “The Machine” Cipala celebrated the holiday weekend with a red, white, and Buell® win in the open class at Brick Mine Pro Motoclimb. Cipala didn’t stop there, he cleaned up at the event taking home first place in the 450 and 700 classes too. Brick Mine left Cipala “The Machine” in the lead with a solid 50 points, followed by Logan Mead with 44 points, and Harold Waddell with 35 points.

Standing on the podium is a regular thing for Logan “The Machine” Cipala, especially on his Buell® 1190HCR. His nickname comes from the community, seeing his dedication to the sport with his travel and race schedule.

After his clean sweep win on Friday at Brick Mine, Cipala drove south to take part in the Eagle Ridge Pro Motoclimb. Cipala took home another award on the Buell® 1190HCR for the fastest hillclimb.

“It was another great weekend at the Eagle Ridge MC hill climbs in North Dakota. My Mueller Motorsports tuned Buell 1190HCR and Full Throttle Motorsports GasGas MC450 were running and working great. I was able to sweep the Motoclimb Event on Saturday. Riding first in the order in open class I knew it would be a difficult task to take the win," said Cipala. "I committed to a risky line and laid down a ride that would hold into halfway through the second round. Logan Mead laid down a near perfect run that beat me by a full second. I felt confident I could charge through the motocross style bottom of the hill to make up that time and get through the challenging middle cleanly. Once I made I through the corner I let the Buell power go to work and earned the open win.”

We look forward to seeing Logan claim King of the Hill again, at the Wiseco Shootout this weekend July 10 in Bay City, WI.

Check out Cipala’s winning run at Brick Mine -- LINK

Visit the Buell website for more information at:

📷 credit: @motoclimbsuperseries

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You guys are so cool. Hope you will achieve more achievements in the future. geometry dash


Congratulations to the three best people in this slice master race.


Norse Man
Norse Man
Jul 21, 2021

Awesome achievement. Look forward for several more to come.

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