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EBR Motorcycles factory race team, Splitlath Motorsports, introduces Shelina Moreda racing the EBR a

East Troy, WI – Splitlath Motorsport, the factory racing team of EBR Motorcycles, have exciting news for the huge and highly competitive Chinese Pan Delta series. Having won nearly every round in the series in 2015, and the first two races of 2016, they are taking a dramatic new step. Shelina Moreda, the charismatic female Californian rider, has joined the team of the "Mighty Winged Horse" (全能翼马) to compete in the series, which to date has not seen a female competitor.

Splitlath team principal, John Dimbylow said, “Shelina was a natural choice for us to move forward after winning every race so far that we have competed in out here. We have proven the EBR American Superbike is able to take the measure of other brands every time with an experienced Superbike rider in the saddle. Now we want to expand on our American story, and think the massive 70,000 plus fans will love to see a ‘California girl’ on the EBR, as motorsports here have been male dominated until now. We have known Shelina for some time and have spoken about working with her previously, but finally this has materialized. We hope she will be an inspiration for women in China and demonstrate that women can succeed in anything that they put their mind to.”

While the testing period is much shorter than the team and Shelina would have hoped for, as this is the first time for her on an EBR 1190, she is working with chief mechanic Tony Pogue, a long term friend, and the garage is buzzing.

"I am absolutely stoked to have the opportunity to race a Splitlath EBR race bike in China,” said Shelina. “It’s my first time on a liter class Superbike, and my first time ever in China. It will be fun to raise some eyebrows among the all-male racers here at Zuhai, aside from the awesome 4-wheel girl, Chloee Wong, China’s premier female Race Car Driver, whose garage and workshop the Splitlath team work from. They are not used to seeing pigtails on the track! This team is extremely supportive, always smiling, and I get to work with my good friend Tony Pogue as my chief mechanic.”

Splitlath Racing would like to thank their following sponsors:

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Magnet Alice
Magnet Alice
6 days ago

EBR Motorcycles (Erik Buell Racing) has a renowned history in the world of motorcycle racing. Their factory race team, Splitlath Motorsports, Friday Night Funkin has taken a significant step by introducing Shelina Moreda as one of their racers.


How does Shelina plan to approach the race and stand out among the male competitors? bloxd io asks.


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Hanna Ovr
Hanna Ovr
Aug 17, 2022

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Norse Man
Norse Man
Jul 20, 2022

Great to have a race team, this is where you market your bike, Maybe sign up Gagne and you will have every single camera pointed your way.

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