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Buell® Motorcycle Aligns with FreedomRoad Financial, Names Director of Consumer and Service Center

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

Buell® Motorcycle Aligns with FreedomRoad Financial, Names Director of Consumer and Service Center Relations

Buell Motorcycles, a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles, has forged a new alliance with FreedomRoad Financial, a division of Evergreen Bank Group, Member FDIC. By announcing this relationship, Buell is pleased to answer fans' calls for consumer financing options.

"We couldn't be more excited to offer enthusiasts this resource. Bottom line, it means we can put more Buell bikes under more riders,” said Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycles. “We're already known for offering a unique motorcycling experience – helping customers get their dream bike. Now they can also get a great financing option."

FreedomRoad Financial is one of the largest U.S. powersports lending companies, taking great pride in maintaining the highest customer service and dealer satisfaction. But above all, they understand the rider lifestyle and work hard to help customers optimize it.

These are qualities Buell takes very seriously, and that is why Buell is equally pleased to introduce and welcome Chris Pobanz, the company's first Director of Consumer and Service Center Relations. With decades of experience in powersports, Pobanz is perfect for this new consumer relations position. He walks clients step-by-step through ordering their new, custom-made Buell, helping them navigate the numerous design decision along the way. These include appearance preferences, accessories, and more.

In the production phase, Pobanz works closely with buyers to monitor the manufacturing schedule, keeping them informed of their place in the queue and tracking their bike's delivery via specialized carriers when it's ready to ship.

As important as building the perfect motorcycle for every client, Pobanz specializes in two areas. One is setting up each buyer's Buell service center – as the purchase of every made-to-order Buell comes with its own client-located Approved Service Center. The other is acting as the point person for clients who wish to finance through FreedomRoad Financial.

"I'm excited for Buell owners to have new financing options through FreedomRoad Financial, as well as their authorized service center,” said Chris Pobanz. “Buell clients deserve world-class products and support, and that is what we're going to give them. Having the world's most powerful bikes built right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, makes me proud to be an American and proud to be a member of the Buell Team!"

Strategically, Pobanz’s new role is Buell's next big step in fulfilling its brand promise: Buells are different and so is the buying experience. Fueled by growth, CEO Bill Melvin is confident in adding a team member dedicated to ensuring that each client receives the motorcycle of their dreams. "Our direct-to-consumer business model gives buyers an up-close-and-personal relationship with Buell," said Melvin. "Our desire to create a unique, enjoyable, high-touch buyer experience goes hand-in-hand with everything Buell stands for, and Chris is the right man for the job."

Buell is back and delivering performance and excitement at every turn. For future Buell updates, follow our news page on our website and our social media pages.

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peterson tyler
2 days ago

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Pork Lyly
Pork Lyly
May 03

This is a major win for Buell enthusiasts who might have previously faced challenges financing their dream bike.

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