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Buell Blazes Through Americade with Kaplan Cycles!

●       Buell displayed their current lineup under a Kaplan tent at Americade 2024

●       Kaplan won the 2024 Americade Transporter Show Stopper Award, beating factory competition as the only private rig entered

●       A happy customer was able to ride his Hammerhead home

2024 Buell Hammerhead 1190 customer picking up his new ride from Kaplan Cycles at Americade

From May 29 - June 1, the 41st annual Americade roared into Lake George, New York; there, Buell’s lineup of American superbikes were displayed in the shade of Kaplan Cycles’s brand new transporter.

Throughout the week-long event, Kaplan himself showcased the head-turning Hammerhead and stripped-down 1190SX, finishing the weekend’s worth of experiences with a dedicated blast about the turf on Buell’s fresh Super Cruiser prototype.

"I feel like a shark in a field of minnows riding [the Super Cruiser], this thing’s an absolute monster,” says Ken “Captain” America after taking the Super Cruiser for a spin. 

“[This is] a superbike engine that sounds like a hot rod Harley. It’s everything you want in a motorcycle - it’s fast, it doesn’t vibrate… the engine’s not even hot.

“We’re looking at 250 horsepower… if we put the turbo on it, we’re gonna be racing one of these in the new Drifter Cross series AMA sanctioned.”

Buell Super Cruiser at Americade in Lake George, New York

On top of the good vibes with Buell’s Super Cruiser, Kaplan Cycles also stole the show by winning the coveted Showstopper Award in Americade’s Team Transporter contest. This impressive feat saw the independent dealer triumph over factory competition, beating out Yamaha, Kawasaki and others in a true testament to Kaplan Cycles' dedication to and passion for all bikes, Buell’s own offerings notwithstanding.

Tests run on Buell’s ~475lb, 1190cc, V-twin Super Cruiser prototype show 175hp of punt and ​​100 ft-lbs of yank potential, although the final product’s specs could vary within. For more information about Buell Motorcycles' presence at Americade 2024, visit

The Buell Super Cruiser is available for Pre-Order now! Submit a $50 deposit to get a spot in line once production starts – expected in 2025.


Got questions? Contact us via the usual channels:


●       616-888-8277



About Kaplan Cycles:

Kaplan Cycles was founded in 2014 to share the passion of riding through world-class motorcycle restorations and service. A respected name among motorcycle enthusiasts, Kaplan’s bio reads “friendly riders, enthusiasts and preservationists that pride ourselves in world-class service and hospitality.” Their in-house motorcycle restoration and repair shop is also second to none. For more information, visit

About Buell Motorcycles:

Buell Motorcycles is an American motorcycle manufacturer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a rich heritage spanning over four decades, Buell has consistently pushed boundaries in engineering and innovation, disrupting conventional perceptions of performance by delivering big-bore power with a distinctive edge for an unparalleled riding experience. 

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Absolutely stoked to see Buell back in action! Their Super Cruiser looks like a beast, and 250hp is no joke. While I wait to see these hit the streets, I might have to treat myself to some Buell gear with some coupons from They always have great deals on apparel and accessories, so it's a win-win!


I enjoy reading articles of this kind. Regards!

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