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Buell Super Cruiser Development Update: Get Ready for Daytona Bike Week 2024!

Updated: May 29

We appreciate you for sharing our wild excitement over the new Buell Super Cruiser. We're thrilled to see your support, and are here to answer your questions while updating you with the latest news on the 2025 Buell Super Cruiser™.

Buell Prototype #1

Engineers Jacob Stark & Emily Reid-Barker collaborating on Buell Super Cruiser Prototype #1

First, a message from Bill Melvin, CEO:

Greetings, 2024 is going to be a breakout year for Buell, so climb on or stand back!

As the relentless pursuit of perfection drives the Super Cruiser prototype forward, plans are underway for a production intent prototype to be on display at Daytona Bike Week, March 1-10. Huge credit goes to our engineering and procurement teams for getting the project to this stage. Thanks to their herculean efforts, we've never been more excited to see you in Daytona!

Simultaneously, our SuperTouring model is hitting all its marks. We'll be offering exclusive test rides on the Buell Super Cruiser and Buell SuperTouring for select media this Spring, generating the reviews we've all been waiting for and the buzz we'll all be talking about.

But best of all, developing these paradigm-bending superbikes created the exact opportunity we were looking for: the chance to grow and strengthen the Buell Team. To add the vital expertise only top talent could bring to our engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and marketing teams. Meet them all at

We are also on the hunt for a full-time Program Manager. Applications can be submitted below.

Buell is writing the next chapter in its history. Come be a part of our story.


Ride on,

Bill Melvin

After its incredibly successful debut in February 2023, the Super Cruiser has gone from concept to prototype, with Daytona Bike Week on its horizon.

Buell at Daytona 2023

Buell Owner & CEO Bill Melvin starting the Super Cruiser letting fans hear the

Buell 1190cc V-Twin engine.

And while collaboration with our key suppliers is in full swing, adding valuable insights and design enhancements, the latest prototypes mark a significant step toward production. We test these prototypes in controlled environments to determine the subtle but crucial refinements needed to achieve the elite performance we demand.

This approach aligns with our belief that the finest engineering seamlessly transforms into the highest-quality, repeatable builds. It's a pivotal step in our process: navigating an intricate architecture with expert finesse, incorporating current standards for required emissions and safety mandated components like catalytic converters, lighting etc., and most importantly, exceeding rider expectations. But for us, the road to perfection is the most satisfying ride of all.

Beyond crafting exceptional motorcycles, Buell is building a company of outstanding team members steadfastly committed to making Buell the premier high-performance superbike in America. Watch as we bring our new models to life on social, and sign up at to receive our Buell from the Inside emails. 

Charge Ahead,

Team Buell

2025 Buell Super Cruiser Available for Pre-Order Now!

Buell Super Cruiser

Check Out Roland Sands' Video Here


Buell Super Cruiser



Our mailing address is:

Buell Motorcycle

2700 Patterson Ave SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49546 USA

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