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Standing Out in an Industry of Giants

Why doesn’t Buell Offer More Tech on their Bikes?

To answer this question, we first must understand what you’re looking for when adding a new speed demon to your collection.

Buell 1190SX

What made you buy your first bike?

Tell us your story.

I was always that kid with a hand out the window, snaking up and down through the air currents and wishing our car didn’t have a roof. Fast forward to today, and I can say – with the utmost pleasure - that my need for speed is quenched with daily, full-body-out-the-window vibes.

Most of us are still chasing that feeling of freedom, that rush of adrenaline that comes with pushing the limits. In a world where everybody tries to fit in, motorcycles have been bred to disrupt, converting even the most modest of mortals into a veritable mecca of kinesthetic intelligence. We don’t do well blending in, nor, I think, should we ever.

All of the above is exactly why we believe in the analog experience.

Why Less Tech?

Why change what’s working for us? Sure, tech can be convenient; for now, though, we don’t want to add anything that could rush the progression of our V-Twin evolution. Our foundation remains loyal to the feel and the feedback of the ride, and we’re remaining fully committed to adrenaline. That includes pulling proper power via proven performance specs with no electronic limiters whatsoever.

If you think about it, it’s kind of nice. We’re not bogged down by the latest tech trends, which means our growth can be invested in keeping the core of our company clean for the future.

Win, win, win.

Buell 1190 V-Twin

Buell 1190cc V-Twin Engine - Assembled in Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Will you eventually offer more tech on your bikes? 

That’s a tougher question; currently, the answer is yes. 

It takes time to perfect technology on a ~185hp stock speed demon. In this stage of Buell as a company, we are focused on how it stops, goes, and turns. Our favorite reaction after someone tries out our bikes has got to be the one we keep getting time and time again: 

“It’s so easy to go fast on.”

That, right there, is where we’ll sit until we are absolutely, unequivocally sure that we can provide a tried-and-true element of technology to our fanbase. If you're looking for a motorcycle that lets you experience the untamed thrill of the open road, then you might want to give us a chat.

Want to learn more about Buell’s bikes? 

Head over to our website at or give us a call at (616) 888-8277. We're always happy to chat with fellow riders who crave the untamed spirit of the open road.

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10 de jul.

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Alva Emma
Alva Emma
26 de jun.

It's possible that they prioritize a more minimalist and raw riding tiny fishing unblocked experience, but it would be interesting to see what kind of technology could enhance their bikes.

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