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Matt Smith blasts down the strip with his Buell® taking the winner’s circle

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

[Norwalk, Ohio.]: On Sunday June 27, 2021, Matt Smith blasted past the competition on his Buell® at the NHRA Summit.

Sunday's competition was fierce in the Pro Stock motorcycle class with Steve Johnson burning rubber and taking the lead in the previous two races. However, Smith turned it up a notch, dialed in and rode his Buell® into the winner’s circle.

Smith now holds 28 victories in his career, two of which he won this season.

Steve Laham, Chief Product Officer at Buell Motorcycles said, “First, the entire Buell Family wants to send our prayers out to Fellow Pro Stock Motorcycle Racer Kelly Clontz and to long time veteran Top Fuel Driver Luigi Novelli, we hope to see them back on the track soon. Speaking of the track, congratulations to Matt Smith as he blasted his Buell in the outstanding tradition of Buell performance, he set top speed of the event in his final winning round at over 200mph. Thank you once again to Matt Smith and his Buell race team and all the Buell fans, Buell is Back.”

About Buell: Buell is proud to be part of the NHRA family and the exciting events they hold. We look forward to seeing more familiar faces at more upcoming events, both in the stands and on the track. Experience American Performance on a Buell.

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Photo Credit: NHRA

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