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EBR Motorcycles Announces Parts and Support for Europe

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

EBR Motorcycles and Northern Classic, Custom and Race AB have partnered

EBR Motorcycles has partnered with Northern Classic, Custom & Race AB of Delsbo, Sweden to provide EBR Motorcycle parts and service to customers throughout Europe.

“Jens and Birgit Krüper (owners of NCCR) and Erik Buell/Buell®/EBR Motorcycles have had a business relationship for over 15 years,” said Steve Smith, President and CEO of EBR Motorcycles. “As we move forward under the new ownership and direction of EBR Motorcycles, it is important that we ‘restore the trust’ in the American Sportbike brand. Economies and business climates in the U.S. and around the world create challenges, and manufacturing companies are sometimes faced with difficult decisions that impact their customers and suppliers. This was the situation last year when EBR closed unexpectedly and was shuttered for the better part of a year. The company, EBR Motorcycles, is now back up and running with production of 2016 model-year 1190RX and 1190SX bikes that started on March 16 of this year.”

The primary focus of EBR Motorcycles for these innovative American sportbikes this first year will be to meet the strong demand at home in the United States. The U.S. Superbike’s return has been much anticipated and is translating into increasing sales that are out-pacing this year’s supply. Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Erik Buell said, “I have known Jens since 2002. Jens, Birgit, their daughter Julia, and the team at NCCR have real passion and are very knowledgeable of our product. We are very aware of the recent European regulatory changes, and are working as our resources permit towards a full return to that market with new EBR motorcycle sales. NCCR will help us to maintain existing EBR bikes and relationships until that time.”

EBR started production with motorcycles in 1983. Since then, over half of all the units produced were sold to riders in countries other than the United States. Understanding that these customers, tens of thousands in Europe alone, require access to components and technical support, the partnership with NCCR and Jens Krüper makes solid business sense. Jens understands the EBR and Buell® products intimately, as well as the rules and regulations of commerce in Europe. This combination of product savvy individuals and an established network of business partners in the individual countries of Europe will serve the Buell® customers very well.

EBR Motorcycles builds athletic, performance focused machines that maximize the ability of the rider. With Europe unquestionably the epicenter of the Sportbike universe, EBR Motorcycles is working hard to bring back the East Troy V-Twin to European market. The team in East Troy is developing the next generation EBR Motorcycles to exceed the demands of Sportbike enthusiasts all over the world. While this will take some time, Jens and the team at Northern Classic, Custom and Race, will work hard to maintain the EBR bikes and relationships. It is not only the bikes, but the enthusiastic customers of these machines that wear ear-to-ear grins and posses a ‘swagger’ that only comes from throwing your leg over the iconic American Sportbike.

Speaking directly to the European enthusiasts and customers of EBR Buell Motorcycles, Owner and CFO, Bill Melvin said, “We very much understand the importance of the Euro-market and will return to go toe-to-toe with the best that Europe and Asia offer as soon as we can.”

EBR Motorcycles encourages individuals to take the time to contact Jens and his team at Northern Custom, Classic and Race and get to know them if you do not already.

In addition, remember to watch Splitlath, the Buell Factory Race Team, in the coming weeks as they battle the insanity that is the ‘Isle of Man.’

Northern Classic, Custom & Race AB

Tel. 0046-653-41050

Businesses interested in working together with NCCR to ‘Restore the Trust’ in Buell Motorcycles should contact Jen Krüper directly at:

Northern Classic, Custom & Race AB

Knaggälve 114

SE 820 60 Delsbo

Tel. 0046-653-41050

Fax 0046-653-41051

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Rex Webb
Rex Webb
19 de fev. de 2021

Wonderfull New,s .

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