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EBR Motorcycles Auction of VIN #1 benefits Military Charity, Fisher House Foundation

East Troy, WI - EBR Motorcycles, Erik Buell, and Liquid Asset Partners are pleased to announce Memorial Day weekend that they will be donating the proceeds from the auction of the first 2016 EBR Motorcycle, a Limited Edition ‘1776’ 1190RX, to benefit the Fisher House Foundation. The online auction is open to the public and ends July 4, to highlight the American flag themed bike. The Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

“We at EBR Motorcycles and Liquid Asset Partners believe in the freedom of America, and know that freedom isn’t free,” said Bill Melvin of EBR Motorcycles. “We are eternally grateful to our troops and their families. At first we felt the ‘1776’ bike showcased our American Motorcycle heritage, and instantly when we saw the flag on the bike we wanted to show our love of America by donating the proceeds to support our troops, veterans, and their families. We are glad the first Limited Edition bike can benefit the Fisher House Foundation. They do amazing work, and there was no better day to have the auction end then 4th of July, which this year is our nations’ 240th anniversary! What a way to celebrate our freedom! So I hope everyone bids with patriotism and charity in their hearts, because it’s really for a great cause.”

“The Buell family and EBR Motorcycles is a close knit group. We intensely appreciate our freedom to be uniquely American, and also understand what family and friends mean in times of adversity,” said Erik Buell, CTO. “It's the least we can do to donate this first motorcycle from the new EBR towards the goal of bringing family and friends closer to the servicemen and women who have willingly sacrificed so much for all of us. Freedom isn't free, and we hope those who bid on this unique bike bid with that in mind. You can be sure that 100% of what is in the winning bid will go to the Fisher House.”

The EBR Motorcycles Limited Edition ‘1776’ 1190RX Superbike was the first off the production line in 2016 with the launch of the EBR Motorcycle factory. It was featured in magazines, newspapers, and publications around the world including Cycle World, Road and Track, Motorcycle Road Racing News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and more. EBR Motorcycles 1190RX was designed by world renowned motorcycle designer, Erik Buell, whose history includes being CTO of the Buell Motorcycle Company, Erik Buell Racing, and now CTO of EBR Motorcycles.

EBR Motorcycles is the only American Sportbike company and the 1190 superbike platform is known for success around the world on the race track. The limited edition ‘1776’ bike was the idea of Bill Melvin with the artistic American Flag paint designed by Ryan Hahn, and the bodywork was implemented artistically by Jason LeCavalier at Artistimo Custom Designs.

Bid today on the EBR Motorcycles Limited Edition ‘1776’ 1190RX, with auction proceeds to benefit the Fisher House Foundation.

Those interested in bidding on the EBR Motorcycles Limited Edition ‘1776’ 1190RX Superbike should visit or visit the online bidding directly at this link.

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