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Buell® to Start Hammerhead Production & Online Reservations Nov. 1, 2021

Grand Rapids, Mich. – Buell Motorcycle Co. announces the legendary Buell Hammerhead 1190 is going into production and taking reservations beginning November 1, so get in line.

The Buell Hammerhead 1190 received extensive press coverage and unbridled enthusiasm from motorcycle riders around the world following Buell’s spring announcement that “Buell is Back”.

“When we said Buell is Back, we meant it,” said Bill Melvin, CEO of Buell Motorcycle Co. “We have former executives from Buell, General Motors, Lotus Engineering, Toyota, and Bombardier Recreational Products ensuring we are manufacturing and developing the highest quality products. Now we are putting the finishing touches on our factory and kicking off production of the Best American Superbike on November 1, the Buell Hammerhead 1190. Buell is Back!”

The Buell Hammerhead 1190 will have a Grand Rapids, Michigan built and proven 185-horsepower high-performance 72-degree V-Twin engine with 13.4:1 compression, sporting EFI with 4 injectors and exerting 101.6ft-lbs of torque. Buell’s unique chassis and braking system is the key to its success on the racetrack and on the road. The Hammerhead has a specialized aluminum Fuel in Frame design which provides strength, lower center of gravity, and added balance unmatched against the competition. Buell’s unique single perimeter front braking system reduces the unsprung weight to allow the rider unsurpassed performance and feel during turns. And at just 419 lbs., it’s nimble and quick.

Buell’s new online reservation and delivery system, Buellvana®, will also be innovative and exciting for riders and dealers alike. Reservations will begin online November 1, while Buell plans to outline details on October 21. This novel and industry disrupting system will provide the best delivery and service experience for Buell riders, while giving dealers all the advantages in a modern technology & post-COVID world.

“When we announced that our future models will include variants for dirt, touring, and cruisers, while expanding our engine lineup, we were blown away at the rider response,” said Steve Laham, Chief Products, Development & Strategy Officer at Buell Motorcycle Co. “I knew Buell was a beloved brand, and now riders are pulling for us! With the Hammerhead going into production, innovative technology and products in our pipeline, and our online reservation system changing the industry, we’re lean, mean and on the move!”

With the return of the Hammerhead 1190 and the new and revolutionary Buellvana® online reservations system, Buell is back and racing to the future!

For future Buell updates, follow our news page on our website and our social media pages.

Press: Please put “Press” in the subject line of your email request.

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I've been eagerly waiting for the Buell Hammerhead 1190 ever since they announced the brand's return. November 1st can't come soon enough to snag a tunnel rush reservation.


Kripa Mathur
Kripa Mathur
17 mai 2022

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Norse Man
Norse Man
01 oct. 2021

Look forward to see more bikes on the Road, I will make sure to tell everyone who look at mine that they now again can own a American Superbike. Hopefully it comes at a completive $ and that you did a few needed upgrades to the Rider Assist Management, all litter bikes comes with today. Best of Luck.

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