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Buell® Reigns Supreme Over the Weekend

Logan Cipala takes first place at the Big Hill Jam on his Buell 1190HCR
Logan taking First at the Big Hill Jam. [📷 credit: @motoclimbsuperseries]

On the weekend of July 31st, 2021 Buell saw two wins. The first, where Logan Cipala rode his Buell® 1190HCR in the open class at the Big Hill Jam Motoclimb Super Series taking first place. The second on August, 1st 2021 Matt Smith rode his DENSO Buell® motorcycle in the NHRA Nationals winning first place.

Cipala ran in both the 450 and Open class during the Big Hill Jam. Cipala had the fastest qualifying run in the 450 class and he podiumed for third place securing some points for the season. Taking third only fueled his focus during his Open run. Cipala kept his Buell® 1190HCR tight to the ground to power up this climb, helping him pull ahead of Austin Teyler on their final Open Class race.

“Ten years ago if you told me I would be racing at the Hill Compound against some of the gnarliest guys to ever swing a leg over a bike, I wouldn’t have believed you,” said Logan Cipala.

In the IRC Motoclimb Super Series Cipala holds first place with a 24 point lead with 140 points.

Meanwhile in Pomona, CA The DENSO Race team revved their Buell® engines for the NHRA Nationals at the Auto Club Raceway. In the second round it was a head-to-head Buell battle between Matt and Angie Smith. Matt took the win sending him on to race Scotty Pollacheck in the semi-finals, where he beat Pollacheck by .046 seconds. Boosting him into the Finals against Angelle Sampey.

The final was a tight race, Smith got off the line .06 faster. That didn’t stop Sampey from making the race neck and neck, but Smiths Buell pulled out in the end taking the NHRA Nationals Win.

“Our brand new red rocket Buell has won 4 of the 8 races this year and we’re looking forward to more wins,” said Matt Smith.

Matt Smith Taking First at the NHRA Nationals [📷 credit: @srdrivenmedia]

The unofficial points for the NHRA nationals has Smith defending first place with 813 points.

“Another double header for Buell,” said Steve Laham, Chief Products Office at Buell Motorcycles. “It’s exciting to know that the Buell teams hard work and efforts are paying off. This was evident this past weekend as Matt Smith powered his Buell to win at the NHRA Nationals and Logan Cipala was king of the hill on his Buell 1190HCR.”

Follow more Buell news and rider successes visit the Buell website

📷 credit: @motoclimbsuperseries (Big Hill Jam)

📷 credit: @srdrivenmedia (NHRA Nationals)

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