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EAST TROY, WI – EBR Motorcycles is committed to increasing our customer’s access to the 1190RX and 1190SX. Beginning today, July 22, EBR will offer current and potential stocking dealers, Top and Participating, dealer floorplan financing (EBR Motorcycles Floorplan Program).

“As we grow our dealer base, we have identified an increasing need for wholesale financing,” said Steve Smith, President and CEO of EBR Motorcycles. “Many of our current dealers do have access to capital or local wholesale financing and have utilized these resources to secure their floorline, while others do not. As a smaller volume manufacturer, sometimes the thresholds for participation and the interest rates offered by the major commercial distribution finance companies are a bit too high or just not viable at our current volumes. Our parent company, Liquid Asset Partners, has the resources and confidence in the EBR brand to bridge this gap. Today, we are announcing an in-house floorplan option to not only our current ‘Top & Participating’ dealers but also to potential interested and qualified prospects, the EBR Motorcycles Floorplan Program.”

Founder and CTO, Erik Buell said, “The EBR 1190RX and 1190SX offer tremendous value in today’s sportbike marketplace. Customers that are not familiar with our product often times do not understand the American engineering and race bred performance of our motorcycles. Our goal for offering the in-house floorplan to dealers is to make our product more available not only to see but test ride at more and more dealers around the country. With product in the showroom and the extremely competitive price points of $13,995 and $12,995 RX & SX respectively, the customer can then start to make an informed comparison and purchase decision of our product versus the Asian and European offerings.”

“Getting and maintaining adequate showroom inventory is the principle driver of the EBR Motorcycle Floorplan Program,” said EBR Owner and CFO, Bill Melvin. “Required stocking levels of the Floorplan program are modest and the annual interest will be below or at parity with that of the major national players. The motorcycle market is cyclical and dealers need realistic financing options to keep product on the showroom floors even during the seasonal dips when sales and revenue lag. The EBR Dealer Floorplan Program is yet another tool for our existing and future dealers.”

For specific information on becoming and EBR Dealer and/or the EBR Motorcycle Floorplan Program please contact:

EBR Motorcycles, LLC 2799 Buell Drive, East Troy, WI 53120 262-642-1627

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