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Online Order FAQs

What is Buell Direct?

The essence of Buell Direct is local delivery and service from your identified Approved Service Center. Buell will provide your Certified Service Center with unique training, overnight parts delivery, and responsive communication with our factory tech team after you drop off your vehicle for any service.


Why a deposit and why now?
It’s almost time! When a customer who purchased a reservation has moved up in line and their bike is ready to be built in the next 4 to 6 weeks, they need to confirm their intent to purchase with a deposit. When paying their deposit, they also need to submit the checklist of options, delivery location, and preferred service dealer they would like. After submitting their deposit, someone from our customer service team will contact you to finish any last details and questions.


What does my Deposit get me?
A $1,000 Deposit secures your built slot in the next 4 to 6 weeks for a new Buell Hammerhead or Buell 1190SX motorcycle. This is a refundable Deposit. It is the start of an actual order and delivery timing will depend on options selected and supply chain fluctuations.


Can I make changes to my Order?
You will be able to make changes to your order for one week. Your deposit will confirm your  your vehicle selection and main configuration. A customer service representative will then speak with you to finalize any last details in the order & delivery process.


Can customers choose their Approved Service Center for their Order?
On your deposit form, you will be asked to identify three (3) potential service centers you would prefer to be your local
Approved Service Center. Our Buell customer service team will work with your three selections to finalize your ideal Certified Service Center, then contact you with the optimal Approved Service Center selected for your area.


Give me an example of how my local Approved Service Center options will work.
Let us provide a real-world example. If you live in Birmingham, Alabama we will identify a local
Approved Service Center in or very near Birmingham. However, if you live in Browning, Montana you might need to travel a little further to Great Falls Montana or Kalispell Montana for your local Certified Service Center.


Will you share my reservation information with my Approved Service Center?
Your order information will be shared with the
Approved Service Center during this deposit and order confirmation process.


Can I cancel my Order?
Yes. You can cancel your Order at any time prior to confirming your order and model configuration, however you will not be able to receive a refund after signing your Confirmed Order. Once you progress from deposit to your confirmed order, cancellation requests will be at the company’s discretion. A deposit does not guarantee vehicle delivery nor priority for ordering a vehicle. See Order Terms and Conditions for important details.


What is an online order?
By entering into and completing the Deposit process along with submitting your Deposit payment, you are not purchasing a vehicle, but placing a deposit to begin your configuration of the vehicle specifics and start the build process. Completing the Deposit process does not guarantee you vehicle delivery nor does it guarantee a set-price for the vehicle. Your price will be set once your sign your Order Confirmation.

What happens to the Deposit & Reservation Payment once I order?
The $1,000 Deposit and your previous $25 Reservation payment will be credited as part of the vehicle purchase process.


When will I take delivery of my Buell Motorcycle?
Soon. If you are being contacted for your Order Deposit, your bike is about ready to move onto the production line. Delivery times may vary based on configuration selected, residency and supply chain fluctuations of any parts or  accessories.

What price will I pay for my new Buell?
The pricing for your vehicle will be finalized when you sign your confirmed order. Models start at $17,995 and with several options top out at $24,995. Price does not include destination and delivery charges, excludes taxes, title and registration fees. Destination charges are associated with getting the vehicle from the manufacturer to the
Approved Service Center. Your deposit does not guarantee you a specific price.

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