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Take care of your ESA dog in Winters - Complete Guide

People love to keep animals, some because of their fondness while others keep them because animals provide them with emotional assistance. Emotional support animals are kept to provide emotional support to people, specifically the ones who are suffering from some sort of emotional or mental health issues. These mental health issues include post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or anxiety, etc.

Emotional support animals with their active and joyful nature help people come out of emotional or mental health issues or help in the reduction of most of the symptoms of those issues. People's choices based on keeping a particular type of emotional support animal vary mainly based on the mental or emotional health issue they are suffering from or even after considering certain factors such as their household, and society.

Some people like to keep cats while others prefer dogs. Even some others like to keep unique animals such as miniature horses, rabbits, etc. as their emotional support animal. No matter what type of animal is kept for emotional support, it is made sure by the owner that he or she provides him with appropriate care. This care can be in the form of providing them with safe and hygienic food, taking them outside for a walk or exercise, and even can be in the form of taking necessary measures in the varying seasons or weather to protect them from the extreme effects.

Animals are very sensitive to the changing weather and because of this they get exposed to different allergic reactions or even experience severe illnesses. That is why it is the responsibility of the owner to take necessary actions to protect their emotional support animal from the extreme weather and seasons. Some people who have an esa letter for dog take their emotional support animal outside daily as no one raises any question against their animal but in extreme summers or winters, they make sure that their animal is kept inside.

However, this is not the solution as taking necessary actions can help you take your emotional support animal outside even in extreme summers or winters without your animal being affected by different illnesses.

Mentioned below are some of the ways that can help you take care of your emotional support animal dog in winter.

Cover your ESA dog with warm clothes. This warm clothing involves waterproof shoes, warm jackets or sweaters, and warm gloves. Warm clothing can be bought directly from shops or you can even stitch them as stitched clothes will perfectly cover your ESA dog. Initially, you will find that your dog is getting irritated with the clothing but with time they will feel comfortable as they will be covered from the external cold weather because of the warmness of clothes.

Provide them thicker bedding so that whenever they feel cold they can freely cover themself without bothering you. Make sure that the bedding is soft for them to relax.

If you wish to take your dog outside in cold weather then make sure to provide him appropriate paw care. That is by covering their paws with booties and cleaning the hairs on their paw after they come home from their external visit. Get help from online providers if are looking for how to get an esa letter.

If you are taking them outside then after coming home properly dry their ears as there are chances that snow or cold breeze getting into the ears might cause infection.

It is a common fact that animals and even humans hydrate themselves less in winter as compared to summer. Drinking less water in winter might cause dehydration which could lead to vomiting or diarrhea etc. Therefore the owner should make sure that their emotional support dog is taking sufficient amounts of water even in winters.

A healthy and appropriate diet can help the ESA dog to protect against extreme winters. Meaning that the intake of fats and proteins in winter helps in regulating the temperature of the body and heating it which provides a natural shield to the dogs against the extreme winter weather.

Increase the time between baths in winters as an increasing number of baths during the winter season can cause cold or even make their skin dry and rough. Therefore, maintain a proper schedule of baths for your emotional support dog in the winter season keeping into consideration its health.

Before keeping an emotional support animal whether that is a dog or cat make sure you are able enough to take care of your animal and provide him with extra protection. Moreover, make sure you have an ESA Letter for housing so that no one raises objections against your emotional support dog or cat. This step is the most essential one as most of the owners are not able to handle their emotional support animals, especially in extreme conditions or extreme weather such as in extreme winters or summer.

These ways allow you to take your dog out without any tension even if the weathers are extreme as you have provided the necessary protection to your ESA dog. But make sure you have a legitimate esa letter so that you can take your dog anywhere you want without fear of the weather or the people in your society. It is the responsibility of the owner to understand that even though the emotional support dog is for your emotional support, he still needs care and attention. As, if your emotional support dog will remain healthy he will be able to provide effective emotional support to you as well.

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